You might not think about what goes on with the electricity behind your walls. Tasks like plugging cords into outlets and turning on light switches are second nature to many of us. However, just like any other appliance, these covers and panels eventually need to be updated or repaired.

    At Dream Team Home Services, we provide a vast amount of home services for all your house project needs. With exceptional team members skilled in plumbing, electric, heat and A/C, we’re your one-stop shop. When it comes to outlet and switch installation, our professional electricians can apply their know-how to whatever kinds of electrical assistance you need.

    Outlet Repair, Replacements and Installation

    If an outlet doesn’t seem to be working correctly, the wiring could be faulty. Do not attempt to repair any wires or perform outlet replacements without assistance from a professional electrician. Wires can be “hot,” meaning that there’s electricity surging through them. Prevent any accidents when installing a new outlet by contacting a Dream Team Home Services electric technician. These trained individuals will know how to handle the wires behind your walls and perform any necessary repairs.

    Throughout your home, you can find outlets that provide you with safe ways to access energy. These outlets can feature either two- or three-pronged covers. Aside from appearance, here’s the difference between the two:

    • Three-pronged outlets: The extra prong added here connects to a ground wire, which protects you from receiving an electric shock. If too much electricity surges through plugged-in devices, the ground wire directs that excess power into the ground.
    • Two-pronged outlets: These older covers only have two holes for plugs. Experts call two-pronged versions ungrounded outlets since there is no ground wire to redirect excess electricity. Without that extra protection, your house is at risk of possible fires.
    • If you have a newer home, you’ll probably find that it’s already equipped with three-pronged outlets. It’s important to replace any two-pronged wirings whenever you can to add extra protection to your home. Hiring a knowledgeable technician is the best course of action to take to swap out these outdated installations.

    GFCI Outlet Services

    Hand plugging into GFCI OutletA skilled technician can install a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet to replace any two-pronged wirings for additional safety. This handy invention has the ability to completely cut the power from the outlet if someone using it starts feeling an electric current. If the small light in the panel’s center is off, that means no power is coming through. You can turn the power back on by pressing the button on the cover.

    Dream Team Home Services can install these safety devices throughout your home. They’re especially useful in rooms that are near water, such as a kitchen or a bathroom. If liquid touches the device, energy will stop flowing from it for added protection. Placing a few of these outlets in a garage where you use power tools adds another layer of safety from shock as well.

    AFCI Outlet Services

    ACFI Outlet Product ImageAnother alternative would be the Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI). This tool is often on your circuit breaker, and it detects signature electric arcs that come from faulty wiring. These loose connections could start small sparks, but the AFCI puts a stop to that process by breaking the circuit if it finds an issue. Pairing an AFCI with GFCI outlets works best to protect you and your loved ones in your own home.

    Having an electrical expert install an AFCI in your home is made easy when you work with Dream Team Home Services. We can guide you on where to place an AFCI based on your home’s layout and requirements. Show us where your circuit breaker is, and we will take it from there.

    Light Switch Repair and Installation Services

    Electrician installation light switchesLight switches can last a long time with the proper wiring and maintenance in place. As with any home appliance, though, repairs are needed for these coverings eventually. Your home deserves the attention and care it needs down to the smallest light panel. Let our team of electric specialists offer you peace of mind with our efficient, reliable services.

    Work with Dream Team Home Services so we can address and solve any lighting projects you have. We fix all kinds of switches to suit your requests.

    Dimmer Switch Repair and Installation Services

    Hand adjusting light dimmerDimmer switches are a popular addition for many homeowners because they control the brightness of lightbulbs in the room. This kind of switch can save you money on electrical bills since lower settings don’t use full power. Dimmer switches can also help you set a particular mood or ambiance in a room at a given time.

    Any electrical dimming installations or replacements should be done by a professional, especially when it comes to wiring. Take some time to research what kinds of dimmer panels would work best with your house setup. When you’re ready to replace any regular lights with dimming controls, let your electrician know where you want them wired in your home.

    Dimmer switch replacements and repairs are quick and easy for a trained technician with the right equipment. Since most wires become visible when you take off the protective cover, accessing the cables is simple. An electrician can test the wires behind the wall and pinpoint any issues with a voltage tester. The electric experts at Dream Team Home Services have the knowledge and the tools to get the job done right with minimum risks.

    Contact Dream Team Home Services for Outlet and Switch Services

    Lighting is part of what makes your house a home. A new electric fitting for your home can make all the difference, and the same goes for repairs and replacements when they’re necessary. At Dream Team Home Services, we guarantee 100% satisfaction on any job we do. We also have same-day service available when you fill out a request for any assistance with any light switch needs.

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    When you need switch repair, outlet installation or any other electric services, contact us to get the best rates in the Delaware Valley. If you already have a project in mind, schedule an appointment today! We’ll send a skilled technician to complete the job right away.