Surge protection in Media, PA, is an essential electrical safety measure for homeowners. Typically, any system powered by electricity is susceptible to power fluctuations. A surge protector or suppressor is a device that protects electronic equipment from voltage spikes or transients.

When an electrical surge occurs, this safety appliance blocks or channels any unwanted voltages above the stipulated threshold to the ground. In the US, the standard voltage is 120 V. Problems may occur if there are power surges or transient voltages in the electrical system. These events may last just a few microseconds but can damage electrical hardware within that time. The most severe transient type happens when lightning occurs and doesn’t have to strike a utility line directly.

Such spikes can reach several hundreds of volts and degrade the equipment. But you can avoid such situations in the first place by installing whole-house surge protectors. Point-of-use surge protectors are necessary but offer limited protection only to devices plugged into them. For maximum safety against electrical surges, consider installing a whole home surge protection device.